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AROMAS DA VILLA delivers products in Mainland Portugal, archipelagos (Madeira and Azores), European Union, and other countries in the World.

After confirmation of the order and successful receipt of payment,up to 2 business days (on average) for order processing. After the processing time, the delivery times indicated below, which are announced by the respective carriers, in working days, not including any customs clearance times, must be considered (added).

Mainland Portugal, Madeira Archipelago and Azores:

CTT Expresso (Portugal) - Average delivery time of 1 working day:

CTT Expresso for the Azores and Madeira, the deadline may be extended depending on transport limitations.

Spain (registered mail):

CTT Expresso (Spain) - Average delivery time of 1 business day:

European Union (Zone 2, registered mail):

CTT Expresso (Europe, Zone 2) - Average delivery time of 2 to 3 business days:

European Union (Zone 3, registered mail):

CTT Expresso (Europe, Zone 3) - Average delivery time of 2 to 3 working days:

European Union (Zone 3 Norway, registered mail):

CTT Expresso (Europe, Zone 3) - Average delivery time of 2 to 3 business days:












Other international destinations (World) (registered mail):

CTT Expresso (Rest of the World) - Average delivery time of up to 5 working days:

All our national and international shipments are carried out with Registered Mail, allowing tracking and tracing of the package online throughout the transport.

Taxes and Customs Fees

International shipping does not include taxes and fees. Customers are responsible for any customs duties, fees or taxes that may apply to delivery, as well as the process of clearing the order. We advise international customers to confirm/calculate applicable taxes and fees before placing an order.




AROMAS DA VILLA performs product exchanges, when the products were correctly received and accepted by the customer, but the customer wishes to exchange them under the following conditions:

a) Exchange of article for another of equal value (if it has not been opened or used, accompanied with proof of purchase);

b) Exchange of an article for an equal or different one with a higher value than the original (if it has not been opened or used, accompanied with proof of purchase ). In this case, the customer must pay the difference in value;

To start the exchange process, the customer may do it directly it in the AROMAS DA VILLA physical store address, or by sending an email to mentioning the order number in the subject of the email. You will need to tell us that you want to perform an exchange and provide all the necessary elements for the analysis of your request, as well as identify the products you want to receive in exchange. If the exchange requires shipping costs, these will be responsibility of the customer.




AROMAS DA VILLA considers different types of returns (product return without exchange):

1) Returns because the item sent by AROMAS DA VILLA is the wrong product or wrong purchase order, or has defect(s);

2) Returns due to an error in the addressee's address, attributable to the Client, it will only be sent again, upon the Client's correct address information by e-mail and after a new payment of the postage value by the Client.

3) Other returns.

In any circumstance, If the error is attributable to AROMAS DA VILLA, the order will be re-dispatched free of charge to the Customer, or, in case of cancellation, the full amount will be returned (postage included).

To start the return process, you must send an email to the address "" mentioning the order number in the subject of the email and indicating that you wish to perform a return. Following the instructions sent by email and after receiving the products, in their original packaging, without having been used (in perfect condition), you will receive a new product or products.

In the case of online contracts, contracts at a distance or outside the commercial establishment, the Customer has the right to freely terminate the contract, as established in Article 10 of the Portuguese DL 24/2014 of 14th of February 2014. The customer has the right to terminate the contract without incurring any costs, in addition to those established in:

  • a) paragraph 3 of article 12 (the Customer will bear additional delivery costs, if he/she wants a different delivery method than the one that AROMAS DA VILLA uses commonly or is standard for the product in question) and in,

  • b) article 13 (the Customer will have to bear the cost of returning the goods to the supplier) of the same Decree-Law when applicable,

and without the need to indicate the reason for the return, within 14 days from the events provided for in the Law (article 10, paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). 


If the Client wishes to activate his right to freely terminate the contract (and ask for the respective refund of the payments made), he/she can communicate it to the email address “”, by letter, by telephone, by returning the goods in a commercial establishment of AROMAS DA VILLA, or by other means susceptible of proof. AROMAS DA VILLA will confirm to the Customer, within 24 hours, the receipt of the resolution statement by using a durable information support media. The Customer is obliged to preserve the good or goods in question (in perfect condition) so as not to damage, depreciate or degrade it. 

In the event that the Customer has indicated the right to freely terminate the contract, the Customer will receive a refund of the value of the asset (postage included) by the same payment method used in the initial purchase and within 14 days from the date of communication by the Customer.

Management in Case of Lost OrdeR in TRANSIT

AROMAS DA VILLA works with partner parcel transport companies. We will do our best to ensure that you receive your products as soon as possible.

In case the customer has chosen to send via Registered Mail, if the order is not received within the period indicated by the carrier (or does not reach its destination), the customer will be asked for the necessary documentation to proceed with a complaint process. AROMAS DA VILLA will await the completion of the carrier's inquiry before making a refund or reshipping products. 


In case the customer has chosen to send via regular mail, if the order is not received within the period indicated by the carrier (or does not reach its destination), AROMAS DA VILLA does not assume responsibility for the non-receipt of the order, as described in this policy.

Management in Case of NON PAYMENT

In the event that the customer has placed an order and the payment method results in a canceled or unpaid transaction within 5 working days, AROMAS DA VILLA has the following procedure:

a) Contact the customer, informing him of the problem with the payment method (or absence thereof) asking him to resolve the situation within 5 working days;

b) If the problem still persists or the customer does not proceed with the missing payment, then the order will be considered canceled, and the customer will be informed of its resolution.


If the customer wishes to submit a complaint, suggestion or compliment, he/she can make it using the "Electronic Complaint Book" in Portuguese (available in both Portuguese and English) accessible below (click over the image):

AROMAS DA VILLA, while business operator, is listed with the commercial name "Sandra Margarida Coelho Fernandes Gaspar de Almeida", ID: 1141678.

AROMAS DA VILLA will respond to the complaint, suggestion or compliment within 15 business days after submission.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If it is not possible to reach an amicable resolution of a complaint between AROMAS DA VILLA and the customer, the customer may resort to an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity, in order to try to resolve consumer disputes out of court, faster and less expensive way for both parties.

AROMAS DA VILLA is a member and recommends that the customer contact or go to the CACRC - Coimbra Region Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center: 

Coimbra District Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center
Av. Fernão Magalhães, n.º 240, 1st
3000-172 COIMBRA
Tel: (+ 351) 239 821 690 /289 (cost of the call to the national fixed network, according to the tariff in force)
Fax:(+351) 239 821 690 


For more information see the Consumer Portal ( Alternatively, you can use the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform.

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