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Pack of Sustainable Handmade Cocoa mini soaps (20 grs)

We created a line of Amenities focused on rural and sustainable tourism, hotels and local and environmentally friendly accommodation (guest houses, farms, country houses, etc.), in boutique hotels and inns, looking for a product of superior quality, handcrafted, sustainably manufactured and where presenting an exclusive and differentiating experience to your customers is a must!


With our amenities you will distinguish your guests and bring you a special product that will create positive memories of your stay. Each soap is handmade, each one is made by a certified artisan. Our products are unique! Find out why below.


The Aromas da Villa Amenities Line is:

  • 100% Portuguese
  • 100% handmade(each solid soap or shampoo is unique, and produced by hand);
  • sustainable manufacturing(on a small scale, using simple utensils, in recyclable packaging)
  • Better quality / premium(+50% Portuguese extra virgin olive oil base and quality essential oils);
  • modern designand contemporary,hand-in-law;
  • Natural(no perfumes, preservatives, dyes or other harmful chemicals)


The line consists of 4 mini soaps from the Traditional Line (lavender, oat, cocoa, coconut) in a rectangular shape and 20gr. The solid shampoo is round and 20gr. The entire line is produced with natural and pure ingredients. With no added perfume or fragrances, the scent of the soaps is aroma suave, derived solely and exclusively from its natural ingredients.


We have packs of 20, 40 or 100 units available. Higher quantities please contact;


We have the possibility of customization, being able to use your own branding or branding, send us an email for more information.


Weight (approx.):20gr (each unit)

Dimensions (approx.): 8 cm x 6 cm x 0.5 cm (length x width x height)

Pack of Sustainable Handmade Cocoa mini soaps (20 grs)

VAT Included
  • See the list of ingredients of the products of the Traditional Line and Solid Shampoo

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